Fitting Software Support

Below you can find training materials that will help you understand and improve your work with Appraise fitting software. Basically you can choose between two fitting strategy. 
Auto Fit

Auto Fit is the fastest way for first fitting or pre-fitting hearing aids. It is a great help for busy clinicians.

Appraise AutoFit - quick guide 

A short presentation on how Auto Fit works in Appraise 
Standard Fit

In this section you will get a step-by-step guide through Appraise and the fitting flow. Discover all the possibilities that Appraise gives you for the best fitting results.

  1. Getting started: Appraise stand-alone and Noah database, programming interface, hearing aid connection, patient experience

Getting started 

Getting started with using Appraise 
  1. Selection screen: Appraise menu options, selecting hearing aids, preliminary settings

Selection screen 

An introduction to Appraise' selection screen 
  1. Fitting: fine-tuning, feature and advanced option setup

Fine tuning 

A presentation on how the fine tuning tab works in Appraise 


See what different features you can find in the fitting screen 

Fit assistent 

A presentation on how the fit assistent works 


An introduction to how Venting works in the fitting screen 

Data logging 

A presentation on how Data logging works in Appraise 


See how Interplay works in Appraise 

Acclimatization manager 

An introduction to how Acclimatization Manager works in Appraise 

Environmental Gain Tuner 

An introduction to how Environmental Gain tuner can be set up in Appraise 
  1. Finalizing: Volume control and signal notification setup, programming

End screen 

See how the end screen looks in Appraise