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A carefree life – right in the center of the action

The new Interton Centro hearing aid is so small and discreet that no one will notice it. Interton Centro is filled with cutting edge technology giving superb sound quality, including some of the best directionality options and Ear-to-Ear communication. On top of that, Interton Centro can be controlled directly via an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. In short, Interton Centro will give your customers the confidence to live a carefree life - right in the center of the action.
Made for iPhone

Made for iPhone functionality allows users to stream audio from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch directly to their hearing aids. This means they can effortlessly access everything from music to FaceTime calls to GPS instructions, and they can adjust volume and programs directly from their iPhone.

Small and discreet

Interton Centro offers both form and function. These small, ergonomically designed hearing aids sit comfortably behind the ear and are barely visible. They cover at least 90% of all hearing aid users. On top of that they are built to last. The whole hearing aid is covered inside and out, with Interton’s unique Nano Coating.

Great user comfort and acceptance

Flexible and adaptable design with individual adaption process and automatic synchronization that focus on the personal preference of the end-user and ensures great user comfort and acceptance.

Interton EasyHearing App

The EasyHearing app works with the Phone Clip 2 and supports a series of control functions; including hearing aid volume and program choices and changes. And it has never been more discreet – the user might as well be sending a text message or reading their email.

Superb choice for users who want to live a life full of details without compromising on sound or cosmetics. Centro 6 is also the perfect solution for those who prioritize to use their smart phones and wish to benefit from all the new Made for iPhone functionalities. This means they can take calls and  stream music directly in their hearing aids without any intermediate adapter. They can also change volume and select programs directly on their iPhone as easily as sending a text message.
Interton Centro 6 provides excellent sound, great fit and Made for iPhone functionality – all in one.
Nobody wants to give up doing the things they love. The good news is, with Interton Centro 4 hearing aids they don’t have to! Small and discreet, they provide excellent sound quality even in noisy environments. Moreover, with the new EasyHearing app and the Interton Phone Clip 2 users can effortlessly adjust volume and change programs on their Interton Centro 4 hearing aids.
With Interton Centro 4 users can keep on living their lives carefree and spontaneously. 
This small and discreet hearing aid provides a full range of attractive features and wireless capabilities that are exceptional at this price point. Check out the cosmetic attractive RIE form factor and connectivity options through the EasyHearing app and Phone Clip 2.
Interton Centro 2 is solid functionality in essential hearing.