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Help your clients move up to Interton Move

Experience Interton Move and upgrade your portfolio. Get more from your business with Interton Move.

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A sound upgrade

An all-new full family of user-friendly hearing aids that will let you help more clients, and upgrade existing ones, more easily.

A full day of freedom
The first Interton Move rechargeable solution with that holds up to 30 hours of power.
Better wireless connectivity
Seamlessly stream from both iOS and selected Android™ devices, using the super-stable Bluetooth® Low Energy technology.  
Proven technology made simple
Offers your client well-know GN technology without overly complex solutions. 
Clarity in every detail

A clean, distortion-free signal in a hearing aid is a crucial part of ensuring good sound quality for your clients. One major advantage of the new chip platform in Interton Move is the increased clarity of sound as collected by the microphones.

This is especially true for music, a signal that has a particularly wide dynamic range of soft to loud sounds. Music lovers can get more enjoyment from their favorite music.

Also, your clients hear their best when both ears can work together. This is especially true for busy situations with lots of sound occurring all around your client.

Integrated Directionality uses a true binaural hearing strategy. Both hearing aids continuously exchange information about the environment to optimise the microphone settings in each ear, so your clients hear their best in a wide variety of everyday listening situations.

Couple dancing happily with the use of new Interton Move hearing aids.
Sound demo
Sound demo
  • Situation: Listening to music

    Hear just how much clarity a high input dynamic range gives to music.

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    With Interton Move
  • Situation: In a restaurant

    Hear just how much having microphone settings adjust automatically can improve speech clarity
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    With Interton Move
A full day of freedom
A great hearing aid isn’t just about sound – but also ensuring that any hearing solution fits seamlessly into your client’s life. Interton Move first rechargeable receiver-in-the-ear (RIE) hearing aid gives your clients 30 hours of use, allowing them to move through long, adventurous days with complete focus on enjoying every moment.
Couple enjoying the freedom by using Interton Move rechargeable hearing aid.
Designed for a life to be well lived

The Interton Move family offers all form factors in a robust and comfortable design.

At Interton we believe life is for living, so we have taken great care to ensure Interton Move full family of hearing aids is both protected against tear and is comfortable to wear.

All form factors – including rechargeable hearing instrument (RHI) and Super Power BTE – feature nano-coating and IP68 certified. This means the hearing aids have our highest protection against both sweat and dust and are water resistant.

Interton Move rechargeable hearing aids and the desktop charger.

Interton Move caters to all types of hearing loss, lifestyle and needs

Rechargeable hearing aid





The all-new, full family hearing solution

Interton Move is a cutting-edge hearing aid family built on proven GN technology – a world leading hearing aid manufacturer.

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Connect to happiness

Interton Move have more benefits than you might expect, making them a great addition to everyday life.

Interton Move features direct audio streaming to both iOS and selected Android devices. This advance means you can offer Interton Move to more clients, safe in the knowledge they can use their hearing aids to stream calls, listen to their favourite soundtracks or catch-up on the latest podcast.

Men connect his Interton Move hearing aid with direct streaming
New technology, familiar controls

Familiar and trusted well-known fitting software ensures a more efficient fitting with more time available for counselling.

The amazing upgrades of the Interton Move family go hand-in-hand with simple and well-known controls and tools. Interton Move opens your business to a wider client base and helps you upgrade existing users, so it’s a good thing that the fitting software is simple, intuitive and the same as Interton Ready. This helps you serve your clients with an equal amount of care and efficiency, rather than having to re-learn systems.

Interton Move hearing aids placing next to computer