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    Gain more out of life

You’ve got the power

Interton Gain is a super power hearing aid made to give people with severe-to-profound hearing loss a great hearing experience at an affordable price. It offers high gain, best-in-class feedback management and directionality options ensuring that customers get a powerful hearing experience. It’s easy-to-use and has robust design for an all-day worry-free and comfortable usage. Interton Gain is the perfect choice for you and your super power customers.


Power to the people 

With up to 144 dB SPL output and gain of up to 86 dB customers get lots of power. Interton Gain provides great speech understanding without feedback and improves high frequency hearing for a richer hearing experience.


Worry-free and easy to use

Interton Gain is protected with Nano Coating so customers can use it in all conditions and you can benefit from fewer repairs. A volume control with numeric indicator and a push button ensure easy operation when changing settings. 


Flexible and easy fitting
Flexible fitting strategies offer both Wide Dynamic Range Compression and Linear amplification. You can also customize the MPO handles to match your customers hearing. All this lets you customize the sound to ensure a perfect result.

A powerful choice

Match your customers’ needs and preferences with two price levels.

A full featured solution to give your demanding customers great sound quality, including high frequency sounds such as the sounds of birds. Various features let customers enjoy clear speech understanding in noise with great listening comfort. Gain 3 is great for customers who want an individualized solution and a richer hearing experience. 


For those of your customers who want an easy-to-use, reliable and valuable hearing aid. Gain 2 provides excellent speech understanding in noisy situations with minimum whistling increasing hearing comfort. It’s a worry-free and simple to use hearing aid that will allow customers to enjoy their life with better hearing.