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Based on 2.4 GHz wireless technology, the small, discreet Interton Mini Microphone streams speech and audio to the wireless hearing aids in crisp digital clarity. It’s an additional accessory that enhances your customers’ hearing opportunities and helps them understand speech in all kinds of difficult listening situations.

Designed for discreet one-to-one hearing
With its flexible usage possibilities the Mini Microphone is the easy, reliable way for people to enjoy one-to-one conversations in difficult listening environments such as in a car or conference.

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Keep the eyes on the road

The passenger can clip on the Mini Microphone so your customer can concentrate on what they say, as well as concentrate on driving. 


Get all the facts at meetings

You customer can get the speaker to clip on the Mini Microphone and listen to a clear crisp speech even in background noise. 


No adapter needed 

The Mini Microphone is easy to connect and use. It pairs automatically with the hearing aids without the need for adapters around the neck.