Hearing aids for severe hearing loss

Interton Gain

  • Powerful
  • Easy to use and fit 
  • Comfortable to wear

Interton Gain super power hearing aid

Made to give people with severe-to-profound hearing loss a great hearing experience at an affordable price.

Available in three colors to suit different lifestyles.

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You've got the power

Interton Gain is a super-power digital hearing aid that gives you all the power you need to hear speech and the sounds around you, even in noisy environments.

With high power and excellent technologies it lets you concentrate on your conversations while protecting your ears from uncomfortable whistling.

Interton Gain is easy-to-use and comfortable to wear and with its robust design it ensures years of worry-free usage.  

Yes to power. No to feedback

This powerful hearing aid will help you enjoy hearing with superior sound quality and protect your ears from whistling.

It will also let you hear high frequency sounds such as birds, for a richer hearing experience.

Stands up to life

Interton Gain is treated with Nano Coating to protect both the outer shell and all electronics inside from moisture. You will enjoy years of worry-free wear in all conditions, no matter what you’re doing
Interton Gain heraing aids Nano Coating protection against water.

Easy to use and comfortable to wear

Interton Gain has a volume control with numeric indicator and a push button ensuring easy operation when changing settings.

It is also ergonomically designed to give you all-day wearing comfort.