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Wireless hearing aids

The new Interton Ready delivers great sound quality, ease of use and all-day comfort.

  • Great sound even in noisy situations
  • Quality that lasts
  • Value for money 
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Interton Ready great sound icon.
Great sound in any situation

Enjoy conversations and the sounds you love – even in noisy environments.

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Quality that lasts

Tested and proven GN technology in a durable and water resistant design.

More hearing with less effort icon.
More hearing with less effort

Easy-to-use hearing aids you can control with your smartphone.

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Comfort all day

Small and ergonomic design for a comfortable fit.

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Your smartphone loves Interton

Now you can control and adjust your hearing aids with your smartphone too. Download the Interton Sound app to:

  • Avoid having to fiddle with your hearing aid in public and use the app to easily adjust sound and volumes.
  • Switch between pre-defined sound programs for the best hearing experience in every situation.
  • Pre-set your own personalized environments to tailor your hearing to the places you go every day.
  • Use “Hearing aid Finder” to locate your hearing aids if you misplace them.
Hand holding an iPhone with the hearing aid app Interton Sound,
Interton Ready is Made for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Interton hearing aids don’t just connect you to people, use them to get more from your compatible Apple devices too.

There are loads of cool and useful things you might not realize you can do with your Interton Ready hearing aids. This includes direct streaming of phone and video calls, music, audio books, sports coverage or podcasts – directly to your hearing aids. You can effectively use them as wireless headphones with really great sound quality.

Made for Apple logo.
New Interton Ready custom-made hearing aids 

Made for you and almost invisible

Interton Ready custom-made hearing aids make it easier than you might think to deal with your hearing loss. These new light-weight, custom-made hearing aids help you hear better even in noisy environments, they’re so small, and almost invisible.
Stream sound straight to your hearing aid
With our wireless accessories, you can also use your Interton hearing aids to stream sound and entertainment wirelessly.