Types of hearing aids:
finding the right one for you

These are the main different types of hearing aids to consider.

Receiver in the ear (RIE)

This type of hearing aid is for you if you have mild to moderate hearing loss, and is a combination of a "behind-the-ear" and an "in-the-ear hearing aid".

Sounds are collected by a unit that sits behind the ear. The receiver sends sound into the ear canal, and transmits these amplified sounds directly to the ear. The result is exceptional sound quality, making this a great option for a discreet, contemporary look with great performance.
Style available in Interton Ready

Behind the ear

These powerful hearing aids are for you if have more severe hearing loss since they typically offer the most amplification and lots of features.

The BTE hearing aid type sits comfortably behind the ear and sound is directed from the hearing aid through the tubing into your ear canal. An added benefit is they are very durable as you do not have any parts inside the ear canal.
Style available in Interton Ready

Custom hearing aids

In the ear hearing aids sit inside the ear. They are custom moulded to fit your ear and sizes vary from the virtually invisible ‘Completely-In-The-Canal’ model (CIC) to an powerful ‘In the ear’ model (ITE).

Custom hearing aids are one piece and can be easier to pop-in and remove. Smaller custom hearing aids are pretty much invisible in the ear. 
Style available in Interton Ready

There's a type of hearing aid for you

If you’ve been putting off getting a hearing aid because you think they will be old-fashioned, it’s time to rethink. Today’s hearing aids from Interton are sleeker, streamlined and less noticeable than hearing aids have ever been.
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