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Complete guide to getting used to
wearing hearing aids
A few tips to help you get the most out of your new Intertons early on

Keep going

It takes a little while to get used to wearing a hearing aid. It also takes time to get used to hearing well again.

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Wear them

Wear your hearing aid for most of the day, even around the house on your own.


Start quiet

Start with quiet situations and work your way up to more noisy environments.

Remember that some things will sound a little odd at the beginning. At first, you might find some sounds too loud. You may also feel tired because your brain will be working hard to process all the new sound information. All of this is perfectly normal. Just hang in there. Your brain will adjust to hearing well again. In the meantime, talk to your hearing care professional or audiologist and follow the tips from our Interton Sound app.

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The Interton Sound app will guide and support you to get more out of your hearing aids.

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What to expect when wearing your
new Interton hearing aids

It will take a bit of time to get used to wearing your Intertons for the first time.
Your brain will take a little time to adjust to being able to hear well again. And even so, there are certain sounds you may still miss, such as someone talking to you from another room.
Just as you brush your teeth and hair and put on your glasses or contact lenses, remember to pop in your hearing aids. They’re designed to be worn all day long, not just when you think you need them. 
Funnily enough, this is often one of the main complaints of new wearers. Everything is so noisy. It’s not just the hearing aid, it’s the fact that the world is a noisy place and there are many soft sounds that you’ve forgotten about. In time your brain will filter these noises out once more. For starters, remember how great it is to be able to connect and engage with the people and things that matter.
Since hearing loss happens slow, you might have forgotten how your own voice sounds. Adjusting to hearing it once again can be one of the biggest challenges you encounter when first wearing a hearing aid. The more often you wear them though, the more natural your voice will sound again. 
Listening takes effort – physically and emotionally. A hearing aid can make it easier for you to hear, functionally, but you’ll also need to listen, emotionally. It’s a process known as ‘active listening’. Listen to what people really say by facing each speaker, engage in the conversation and watch their face and gestures as they speak. Don't be afraid to ask for clarification if you missed part of the conversation. It can help to repeat the parts you did hear, so the speaker knows how to better communicate what you missed back to you. Becoming an active listener will help you improve communication and can help you feel happier and more positive.