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How to clean hearing aids & other maintenance tips
Take care of your hearing aids and you will
have them for years


  • Always keep them clean and dry. Keep your hearing aids away from water and excessive sweat.
  • To preserve the battery life when not in use, open the battery compartment door so the battery isn't in contact with any internal components.
  • Clean your hearing aids every day.
  • Don’t use household cleaning fluids, oil or alcohol to clean.
  • At bedtime, store your hearing aids in a hearing aid drying kit that you can get from your hearing care professional or audiologist.
  • Make sure to remove your hearing aids before bedtime, swimming and showering, and avoid applying sticky products, such as hairspray, when wearing your hearing aids.
  • It’s also a good idea to check your pockets before washing clothes in case you’ve taken them out and put them in your pocket. Hearing aids don’t like going through the washing machine!

Even though our hearing aids are designed to be affordable and long-lasting, they’re still an important investment to be looked after.

Guide to keep your hearing aids
in top shape

Cleaning your hearing aid will become part of your daily routine and you’ll need the right tools. A wax pick and brush are essential for at-home cleaning. Use them to gently clear away ear wax build up. This can accumulate at the opening of your hearing aid, which can distort the sound quality or create feedback (whistling). If left on your hearing aid long enough, it can also damage the receiver.
Shower and wash your face without your hearing aids in to avoid water and soap damage. You should also put them in your ears after you’ve applied sticky substances such hair sprays, gels, perfumes or aftershaves.
Don't store your hearing aids in the bathroom, as moisture can work its way into the insides and eventually cause damage. Keep your hearing aids in your bedroom or another easy to remember place. It’s a good idea to store your hearing aids in the case you were given, out of reach of children or pets.
Cleaning your hearing aids before bedtime gives them several hours to air before their next wear. Avoid wipes with chemicals or alcohol as they can damage and erode. Before bedtime, be sure to open the battery doors to allow air to flow through the hearing aid and prevent the battery from wearing out.  Also, be sure to brush the battery compartment with the cleaning brush.
As a general rule, clean your hearing aids and earpieces each day with a soft, dry cloth and the wax removal tools, if needed. Don’t use water, cleaning fluids, solvents or alcohol, as these can damage your hearing aids.
Before handling, be sure to hold your hearing aid over a soft surface to avoid damage if you drop it. Remember that your hearing aid consists of several parts, most of which need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.
1. Focus your cleaning on the openings of the hearing aid including the microphone ports using a soft-bristle toothbrush or a wax brush to clear away built up wax. Hold the device with the opening you are cleaning facing downward so loose particles fall out and don’t stay stuck inside.
2. Next, use a wax pick or hook to clear any debris out of the opening that didn’t come out with the brush.
3. Finish by wiping the entire device with a clean, dry cloth or tissue. This will remove debris from the case of the hearing aid.

1. Check your hearing aid for debris and clean it with a soft brush or dry cloth.

2. Remove the earmold and tubing from the hook to clean it. Some earmolds, especially those made from soft materials, can discolor and stain over time. Wipe them clean daily and soak them in warm, soapy water once each week to prevent this. Allow the earmolds to dry completely overnight before wearing again, and avoid using alcohol or chemicals. If you are unsure how to do this, contact your hearing care professional for help.

3. Use a bulb blower to force water out of the tubing and then leave it to dry.

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