How to clean hearing aids & other maintenance tips

Take care of your hearing aids and you will
have them for years


  • Always keep them clean and dry. Keep your hearing aids away from water and excessive sweat.
  • To preserve the battery life when not in use, open the battery compartment door so the battery isn't in contact with any internal components.
  • Clean your hearing aids every day.
  • Don’t use household cleaning fluids, oil or alcohol to clean.
  • At bedtime, store your hearing aids in a hearing aid drying kit that you can get from your hearing care professional or audiologist.
  • Make sure to remove your hearing aids before bedtime, swimming and showering, and avoid applying sticky products, such as hairspray, when wearing your hearing aids.
  • It’s also a good idea to check your pockets before washing clothes in case you’ve taken them out and put them in your pocket. Hearing aids don’t like going through the washing machine!

Even though our hearing aids are designed to be affordable and long-lasting, they’re still an important investment to be looked after.

Guide to keep your hearing aids
in top shape

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Clean at the end of the day, every day
How to clean your hearing aid
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