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Everything you need to know about hearing loss

Hearing loss: you are not alone

Hearing loss is common. In fact, more than 400 million people around the world have some form of hearing problems.
And yet, you may say: “I’m not really the type of person who wears a hearing aid.” These days though, they’re very different to the types you might remember. In fact, nowadays wearing a hearing aid is more like wearing glasses or a cool pair of wireless earphones.


Hearing loss definition

Put simply, hearing loss is a decrease in how well you can hear. It can occur suddenly or gradually depending on the cause. And while hearing loss can affect anyone at any time, it is most commonly related to the aging process. 

Although your ears receive sounds, it’s your brain that actually understands them. Wait too long before addressing even mild hearing loss, and your brain can lose the ability to process certain sounds. This means that taking care of your hearing helps keep your brain functionally healthily. And of course, hearing is an essential part of connecting with loved ones and enjoying life. 

It’s funny, but you may not be the first to notice that you have hearing loss. Often, it’s the people around you who detect it before you do. They may notice that they have to repeat themselves a lot, you turn the volume up very loud or that you’re not participating in the many ways you normally might. They’re all keen to connect and enjoy life with you. Why not tune back in rather than miss out?

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Stop missing out, today

People with hearing loss wait an average of 7 years before seeking out a solution. Just think how many missed words, sounds and fun that adds up to? So, don’t let time slip by for you. Take a hearing test today and enjoy life to the fullest. Sound good?



Three easy steps towards better hearing
Addressing your hearing loss is the best way to get back on the road to feeling confident and at ease in social settings and enjoying the sounds around you.