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The cost of hearing aids

Hearing aids price: an investment in your hearing

Hearing aids are an investment in your hearing, your health and in yourself (not to mention your family and friends). The cost of hearing aids will depend on the healthcare system in your county, your healthcare plan and the type of hearing aid you need. Reach out to a hearing care professional near you to get more information on price.

At Interton, we aim to create affordable hearing aid solutions that offer great sound. We’re able to do this because we draw on the tested and proven technology of our parent company, GN. We know that it will be a good investment for you.  

How to buy hearing aids?

To find the hearing aid that fits your needs, contact your healthcare professional or audiologist for a full hearing evaluation and personal fitting. Together, you can decide which hearing aid will best suit your hearing and lifestyle needs. You can also start the process by taking our online test here and follow our three easy steps to get a hearing aid and back in the game!