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Hearing aid Remote Control

More hearing, less effort – adjust your sound with one touch

  • Easy to use
  • Small and discreet
  • Adjust volume and programs
Wireless accessories for hearing aids | Interton
Hearing aid Remote Control 2
  • All you need to adjust your sound. Just a simple Remote Control - no smartphone, no app needed. 
  • One touch. You can turn volume up and down and change programs – nothing more, nothing less
  • It has never been easier to adjust volume on your Interton Ready hearing aids.
    It’s small and discreet 
  • Handy design with large, thumb friendly buttons 

No fuzz, no complexity – just a small discreet remote control to help you get more out of your hearing aid, easier.

Wireless accessories for hearing aids | Interton
Hearing aid control
  • Adjust volume on one or both hearing aids
  • Change hearing aid programs
  • Switch between streaming from TV, radio or laptop
  • Balance the hearing aid volume with the streaming volume
  • Mute function* to block out surrounding sounds
  • Discreet and clear overview of your hearing aids settings

*Not available with Interton Cosmo and Interton Crisp

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