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New Interton Ready custom hearing aids

Delight your clients with great sound in a discreet, personalised design.

Almost invisible in the user’s ears
The smaller the hearing aid, the greater its appeal to your clients. Interton Ready CIC custom hearing
aids are now up to 15% smaller, and almost invisible when worn. These two key advances enable you to offer your clients a discreet, personalised fit that is more comfortable than ever.

Interton Ready Custom hearing aids come in a wide range of shapes and colours to match your clients’ looks and your lifestyles.

A solution for every lifestyle

The innovative Interton Ready custom portfolio has been expanded to help you cover a broader variety of clients’ needs. Our range now also features wireless ITC and ITE models.

CIC (Completely-in-Canal)
The CIC is our smallest and most discreet custom model. It is designed to be almost invisible in the users’ ear.
ITC (In-the-Canal)
The ITC is one of our most popular custom models. It offers a wide range of features while maintaining a small, discreet design.
ITE (In-the-Ear)
The ITE is the perfect solution for users with severe hearing loss. It can also be used for users with dexterity challenges, who are looking for a hearing aid with longer battery life.


Increase client satisfaction
and grow your business with Interton

Creating small, comfortable, and personalised custom hearing aids with great sound requires advanced technology, skilled craftmanship and consistency. With that in mind, we have leveraged the knowledge of experts and referred to best practice around the GN group to update our manufacturing process, including new sculpting procedures, extensive data gathering for constant improvements and new, advanced 3D scanning technology. All to make your orders more efficient and ensure that all standards in size and fit are met – so you can focus on delighting your clients and growing your business.

Help your clients hear better and smile more

I'm Ready to grow my business

We’re always looking for partners and businesses to work with our solutions. So, if you’re interested in becoming an Interton dispenser in your area, please let us know by filling out the form and a member of our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Hearing care professional advising a patient and showing an audiogram.