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Three ways hearing aids help you get the most out of life

Life is for hearing.

Your favorite TV shows, the music you love, the conversations and laughter with the people you cherish. Hearing loss can prevent you from having fun and even make you feel misunderstood or lonely. You are not alone. Across the world, hearing loss affects nearly 1 out of every 6 adults, and 1 out of every 3 people aged 65 and older. For many people, hearing loss develops slowly and, on average, people wait 7 years before doing something about it. It’s easy to miss the impact that hearing has on your life until you start to lose it. The good news is that today, addressing hearing loss has become easier than ever before – and the benefits of addressing hearing loss early are significant.

For many adults with hearing loss, using hearing aids can really make a difference in their daily lives. You may be surprised to hear just how positive of an impact hearing aids can have on your health and wellbeing.

Here are 3 ways that hearing aids can help you be the best you can be:

   1. Keep your brain sharp

New research shows an important connection between hearing health and brain health. Hearing loss makes your brain work harder to keep up with conversations and filter out noise. Using hearing aids can help the brain work better and faster on skills like memory and attention. Hearing better frees up your brain’s resources to focus on these other tasks.

 2. Improve your mood

All that extra effort required to listen and communicate with hearing loss can also leave you feeling tired and stressed. No one needs extra stress in their life! Luckily, wearing hearing aids can boost your mood. People with hearing loss who wear hearing aids report feeling less nervous, tense and irritable than those who don’t. They also report a 36% lower incidence of depression. Even your family members benefit - hearing aid wearers report fewer arguments with their loved ones.

3. Help you stay active and independent


You may worry that wearing hearing aids are a sign of “getting old”. But they can actually help keep you active and engaged in the world around you. Being able to hear what’s happening around you better helps you feel more safe and secure. You may no longer need to rely on loved ones so much to help you with things like answering phone calls or acting as “translator” at a restaurant. Your social life may also improve. By being able to participate more in conversations and social events, you’re promoting healthy relationships and a better quality of life.

Who knew such a small device can help you in so many ways! Hearing aids aren’t just about hearing better - they are about living your best life. Take the next step on the journey towards better hearing today.

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