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Water resistant hearing aids 
Small and durable, designed for all-day comfort

Ready for action

Interton hearing aids are ready for action, delivering great sound in any situation. They’re cleverly nano-coated to be sweat and dust resistant.


Nano coating is a polymer layer, one thousand times thinner than a human hair, that forms a protective coating on every part of the hearing device. When humidity or sweat come into contact with it, they form beads and roll off.

Maximum protection

Nano coated for maximum protection against humidity or sweat. Fluids and water simply roll right off. Nano coating protects both the outer shell of the hearing device, and all the electronics inside from any kind of liquid. 

More reliable

Nano-coating increases the lifetime of our hearing devices and greatly improves reliability. As moisture can’t stick to nano coated hearing devices it is difficult to damage them. Less moisture and water means less repairs and less hassle.

Longer life

With no moisture getting into the electronics inside there’s almost no corrosion, resulting in longer life for the hearing device.


Nothing sticks to the hearing device. No moisture, no water. So it’s easy to clean, and looks as good as new throughout its lifetime.

Put the smile back in your ears

Find out more about our water resistant hearing aids. 

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