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Frequently Asked Questions
about our Interton products

Fitting Software can be downloaded under Releases & Updates from
Make sure to have all applications closed before you download and install.

1. Click on Download
2. Choose Saves as (Save the zip file on your Desktop)
3. Right click on the zip file and choose Extract All…
4. Open the Folder on the Desktop and install from Setup
See the compayibility page
This behavior occurs when; only one hearing aid out of a pair is connected to an iDevice.
In order to connect the hearing aids to the Interton App:

1. Un-pair the hearing aids from the iDevice
2. Double tap the home button and clear the Interton App from cache
3. Connect both hearing aids to the iDevice
4. Open the Interton App and connect the hearing aids inside the App.
When this incident occurs, please exit the App, double tap the home button and clear App from cache.  Open the Interton App again and connect devices.
When one of the hearing aids out of a binaural fitting is sent in for repair, one of the following scenarios can be expected:

1. If data from bad device can be captured and restored, then it is not necessary for the hearing care professional to connect both hearing aids to the fitting software and perform a fitting.

2. In the situations where the fitting data cannot be captured and restored, the hearing care professional will need to connect both hearing aids and perform a fitting.  Otherwise, the patient will experience the following:

a. Ear to ear will not work
b. Accessories will not be united with the repaired device
c. Patient will not be able to use and connect both devices to the Interton App.
In order to stream from Android devices an accessory is needed, (Phone Clip 2)
Connect hearing aids to the Phone Clip 2 and then pair the Phone Clip 2 to the Android smart phone:

1. Turn Phone Clip 2 on and remove cap
2. Turn Bluetooth on the Android smart phone
3. Press the small blue Bluetooth pairing button one time to activate Bluetooth pairing mode for two minutes. The LED indicator will turn blue during Bluetooth pairing 
4. On the Android phone search for Bluetooth devices
5. When discovered, select Hearing Aid Phone 
6. If prompted for a passcode, enter “0000” (four zeros).

At this time, Phone Clip 2 should be paired to the Android smart phone and able to stream to the hearing aids. 
Connect hearing aids to the latest version of the fitting software. If an updated firmware version is available for the hearing aids, the fitting software will inform.

For Legacy devices navigate go to “Instrument” -> “Update Instrument(s)” to verify the firmware. 
If you cannot find the answers on our Interton website, in the App or on Google Play Store/App Store, please send an email to

To enter flight mode in the hearing aid(s):

  • Open and close the battery door three times within 10 seconds
  • Afterwards double dings for 10 seconds will be played in the hearing aid.
  • This has to be done for each hearing aid. All wireless functions (2.4GHZ, Bluetooth and Ear-2-Ear) will be disabled.

To exit flight mode in the hearing aid(s):

  • Open and close the battery door once
  • After 10 seconds all wireless functions will be enabled
  • This has to be done for each hearing aid.

Support material
for hearing care professionals

Interton support material for hearing care professionals such as hearing aid datasheets and more.
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