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Hearing aid and hearing aid technology.

Hearing aid technology

Help your clients get back in the game.

Interton hearing aids offer: 

  • Clear speech understanding - even in noise
  • Excellent environmental awareness
  • Great sound and durability even outdoors and in wind


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Interton, part of something bigger

At Interton, we’re part of something bigger. We’re part of GN, a company dedicated to ‘Making Life Sound Better’ through intelligent audio solutions that enable your clients to hear better and smile more.  

We’re the only company in the world with medical, professional and consumer grade audio technology under one roof. This gives us unprecedented knowledge of hearing and the human ear.

Small and durable, ergonomic design for an all-day comfort
Interton hearing aids are ready for action, delivering great sound in any situation. They’re cleverly nano-coated to be sweat and dust resistant.

What’s more, their ergonomic fit makes them comfortable enough for your clients to wear all day, and they come in a wide range of shapes and colors. 
Pair of Interton affordable heraing aids.
Our new Interton Move hearing solution
  • Proven GN technology
  • Full-family hearing solution
  • New faster and efficient platform
  • Clarity in every detail
  • Binaural hearing strategies
  • Listening comfort for loud sudden noises
  • Rechargeable solution
  • Direct audio streaming from iOS and Android™ device
  • Nano-coated design
Interton Move rechargeable hearing aids and the desktop charger.